Jun 7, 2011

so, it wasn't THAT

Looks like my little pink line was just an evaporation... nothing to explain the sleep marathon I've been running the past few weeks.

Lately I've been useless. I can't concentrate worth shit and am falling behind on all of my work. I sleep outrageous amounts of time and can hardly keep my eyes open when I'm awake.

Maybe this is depression? Perhaps some of it is fallout from my advisor's less than kind words? Maybe its time to give up on the PhD and put my efforts somewhere else?

I just hate to make any big life decisions when I feel like crap. It was only weeks ago that I was feeling like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. How did I get back to this place again?


  1. *tons of hugs*

    I'm here if you need an ear.

  2. Thank you Monique. You have a beautiful blog!

  3. :-( Big bummer. I'm so sorry it wasn't THAT. Hang in there girl.


  4. Oh bummer. Sorry it wasn't positive.


  5. Penelope!!! You can't quit now!