Jun 10, 2011

the kitty brigade

I've been feeling blue the past few days...detached and unmotivated. Last night I talked to BH about my worry that depression was back. Did I mention that BH is a problem solver?

Last night, while I slept, "Hello Kitty" invaded our house. Hiding by the lamp, under the flowerpots, next to the stove, by my toothbrush were tiny little Hello Kitty figures.

Like an Easter egg hunt, I turned the house upside down finding hidden kitties in nooks and corners. Each kitty brought a smile to my face.

My husband told me later today that because I was sad, he had called in the 'Kitty Brigade' to cheer me up...and really, who wouldn't feel happy with a kitty brigade in the house?


  1. Oh, how fun! I hope you continue feel cheered. Best to you and, of course, CHEERS! ;)

  2. My brilliant hubby has a wonderful silly side, doesn't he?

    I'm still finding hidden kitties today!

  3. Sounds like a great husband. Hope it brings you some cheer.