Jun 8, 2011

Sleep Study

My polysomnographic study (sleep study) was not nearly as restful as this...

Did you know that a sleep study requires quite a bit of monitoring? Between EEG wires glued into the hair, ECG leads glued to the chest, wires attached to the legs to monitor for restlessness, wires in the nose to capture breathing and a pulse oximeter on the finger, it is not easy to pretend you are home in your own bed.

Despite the odd sensation of having a video camera pointed at me whilst tied to the bed with wires, I managed to fall asleep quickly and slept straight through until the wake up call at 6:45am. (Of course, I can fall asleep pretty much any time, anywhere these days...)

In the morning, I asked the technologist about my night's sleep. After the usual disclaimers, the tech told me that my study surprised her. Given my level of sleepiness, she expected to find clear indications of sleep apnea or restless legs. However, despite some arousals throughout the later part of the study, my oxygen remained high and my legs remained still.

I am now waiting for final report from the physician, but not surprised that I had another unrevealing test.

After the test, I made my way home, ate breakfast and went back to sleep - for the rest of the day.


  1. You are lucky. Mine showed heart arrthymias, primary leg movement disorder, stopping breathing, etc.
    Have chronic pain and fatigue along w/broken sleep. Fibro/fatigue gets worse everytime I am recovering from pneumonia or another time in the hospital. I overdid yesterday and today the pain is overwhelming. I keep going back to bed which is helpful today. I try to pace myself and thought I was doing that but evidently did not rest enough between activities.
    FIBRO/FATIGUE takes a lot of patience, doesn't it?

  2. Oh wow. That is a lot to find on a sleep study. Hopefully, having found so many issues, they might be able to treat you and help you feel more rested.

    Have they tried CPAP with you yet? I'm not sure I will qualify, but would try anything that might make me feel less tired.