Jun 14, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

I saw my doctor yesterday and told him how feelings of anxiety and depression were creeping up on me again. He raised my antidepressants and ordered a long list of blood work.

Did I mention that I hate 12 hour fasts? I love breakfast. Anyhow, I got 10 vials of blood taken this morning and will likely hear back soon if anything is not normal.

My prediction:
Normal labs for all except ANA

The doctor still continues to think there is something 'else' going on with me that has nothing to do with my depression.

But he did council me that stress isn't good for any condition; physical or mental.

He advised that I visit with the Dean of my program and try to sort out getting a new advisor. He thinks I will feel much better once I deal with this issue.

I told him I'm thinking about quitting the PhD program and he has encouraged me not to make any decisions until my current depression lifts.

I do agree with that advice, but in my current state, going to meet with the Dean feels overwhelming.


  1. Thinking of you Penelope, and sending positive vibes. So sorry you've hit a really rough and terribly down and frustrating patch. You shoot me and email and vent away if you've a mind. Take good care.

  2. Sending you lots of warm wishes & hugs. Let me know if I can do anything to help.