Jun 22, 2011

Low Ferritin (part ii)

I almost called my lab results correctly...all normal except for:

ANA - 1:640
Ferritin - 26 (normal reference 80-300)

Why is my ferritin so low?
Does this explain my relentless sleepiness?

Obviously eating gluten-free for the past five months hasn't improved my absorption.

I am so sick of my life being defined by illness. I wish more than anything that I could just have my health back.


  1. :O
    I really really hope that there is a doctor somewhere who will treat you for whatever is responsible for that ANA. And I'm betting that getting that disease under control will resolve other symptoms. Best of luck.

  2. I have low ferritin. I take iron and I just get less low ferritin.

    There are some conditions where low iron is a piece of the symptoms. Hormonal stuff mostly.


  3. Ahhh at least that's part of the fatigue picture explained! Do you like steak? Haha well it's probably less diet and more the 'luck of the draw' for being a female of reproductive age.

    That ANA is... well I'll leave it to your doc. From your previous writings I see that without the clinical correlates it seems to be regarded as a false positive by your healthcare providers. Frustrating that you still don't have answers but I really like your phrasing in your About Me blurb- "on the road to recovery."

    I think it's an important message to your readers: even when you don't know what you have, you can still recover from it and strive for great health. That attitude is going to make all the difference.

  4. Warmsocks - I really hope that someone figures out the whole ANA mystery too. I'm obviously not a physician, but from my reading, 1:640 is fairly high to be a false positive.

    POP - I have started on iron supplements again. I'm hoping that they will get my ferritin back up again. The highest it has ever been, even with iron pills 2 to 3 times daily is ....68.

    JessO - You wrote "That ANA is...well I'll leave it to your doc". Could you finish your thought? I've left it to my docs and am still undiagnosed and sick! (no, I am not asking you in ANY way for a diagnosis, just if you have any other ideas that I could follow up on.)