Mar 15, 2009

sun stroked?

I've never been much of a "sun person". While others are lying on the beach soaking up the rays, I am covered up with hat, towel, sun umbrella and 45+SPF lotion looking for a nearby palm tree for shade.

Despite taking precautions, it isn't easy to avoid the sun on a Mexican beach the past few days I decided to lotion up and get outside to enjoy the weather.

Sun day #1 - Migraine, had to come back to the room and drug up and sleep it off.

Sun day #2 - Touring the ruins, body ached, mood was awful, felt feverish, so fatigued I had to sit and rest repeatedly, slept during the car ride 4 hours feeling miserable.

Sun day #3 - Sat in the sun at the pool today for about an hour, went back to my hotel room feeling nauseous, had chills, slept for a few hours, woke with severe muscle aches.

The only days I've felt well are the ones I've spent inside or in the shade. I can only conclude that the sun just doesn't agree with me. Either that or I have a really strange virus. Am I a complete hypochondriac? It would be laughable if it wasn't so miserable.

Sometimes I feel like such a wreck!!


  1. Are you very fair skinned? I sometimes experience those symptoms ... part of it has to do with my fair complexion, the other part has to do with the meds I'm on.

  2. The fever gave it away for me - definitely sounds like sunstroke. Take care down there!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments, I guess I overdid it the past few days!

    I am proud to say that I didn't burn. In fact, you can find no trace of sun on my well-protected skin :)

    We are now off to pool, where I shall sit in the afternoon shade.

  4. So, when you're in the sun, you're killing cells. Your body is revving up its immune system. Plus, it sounds like you were probably dehydrated and tired to boot. The shade is your friend. Also, gatorade-water and sunglasses.

    I've never understood those people who can roast outside for hours.

  5. Today, completely glooped in tanning lotion (SPF 55), I went to the beach in the very late afternoon (about 4:30) and spent about half an hour splashing in the waves.

    I got out, went for a quick swim in a shaded pool, drank a big bottle of water and went back up to the room. Within an hour, I had fever, chills, headache AGAIN!

    Just to be clear, I never tan. Never. I almost always sit in the shade. I've been applying fake tanning cream on as a compromise :)

    It's official. The sun and I just don't get along. I must be made for Canada...