Mar 1, 2009

the end of my holiday

I've taken a break from blogging whilst I've been away on holiday. It was nice to sit out in the sun, relax on the water and feel like a normal person once again. And I did feel like a normal person!

My family is amazed by how well I've been doing. They have told me it's like having the "old me" back with them.

Of course, as soon as I return home, I'm scheduled to complete my tapering of my medication, which I put on hold so I could enjoy my trip. Considering three weeks ago I had to have my family make me toast and tea and that my brain forgot some very important basic facts, this is not an idea I relish.

I've been offered a very nice contract when I return home, but am very nervous to accept. I know that I could do it today, but with my condition lately, there is no telling what tomorrow might bring. Also, it would involve traveling, which I am about done with now!

I will be very happy to see no more hotels for a long while. I am missing my puppies and my kitty cat so much now, can't wait to be home and give them all a cuddle.

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