Feb 10, 2009

oh my speeding heart

So far today's withdrawal symptoms haven't been too bad. I'm definitely tired, but nothing new with that!

The odd thing is that my little heart-wreck is racing. I've taken my blood pressure a few times with my handy home blood pressure machine * and have found that my BP is a remarkably low 88/49 with a pulse rate over 100. Nifty. **

As My Amazingly Brilliant Husband is away on business this week, and I am at the bottom of the motivation pit, I have relented and hired a person to help me clean the house tomorrow. (by help, I expect that she will be doing most of the heavy lifting). I feel so guilty not doing my own housework. I mean, what else do I have to do all day? Sleep? Rest on the couch? Check my blood pressure? How flippin' hard can it be to throw a load of laundry in along the way?

Apparently, the answer is very hard as the mountain of clothing piling up in the bedroom closet can attest to.

My Fabulous Mother came by tonight with groceries for me and stopped in for some tea and a game of Wii golf. It might have been cold outside, but in the land of Nintendo, the sky was blue and the fairways were perfect!

It seems that I might have overdone it swinging the "golf club", as I am now short of breath and thinking I need a nap before I can get ready for bed. Did I really just write that sentence?

Did I also mention that I am (or was, not that long ago) a reasonably proportioned, fit person? Who the hell gasps for air after playing Wii golf??

  • I am very happy to have my wonderful family and the sweetest furry creatures you could imagine.
  • I am very grateful that I am able to afford to have someone help me with the cleaning.
  • I am very grateful for my beautiful home.
  • I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to go away on holiday next week to a sunny beach.
One day at a time. At least I'm not feeling sad!

(*note: you might be suffering from hypochondria if you own a home blood pressure machine)


  1. Wow, your blood pressure is extremely low. I was getting worried about mine because it was 102/70 ... I thought the 102 was on the low side. Is that what your pressure typically runs or is that the result of medication?

  2. Hi Penelope

    That is a low BP. My diastolic was in the 40's when I was undergoing ETC and when I take meds such as Etomine, otherwise it is generally in the low 70's.

    It is always a good idea to have a home BP monitor...doesn't mean you are a hypochondriac! At one stage I was wearing a heart monitor full time to monitor my pulse rate (I do go to gym as well so that's why I have it). Certain meds saw it reaching lows of 44 bpm during day-to-day activity...time for a med change!


  3. This made me laugh. My husband keeps wanting to buy a BP monitor and I keep saying, "You're 35! You're FINE. Leave it ALONE!!"

    He is a hypochondriac, though definitely better these past few years.