Feb 9, 2009


Wow. I feel as though I've nearly been hit by a train. Miserable!

My head hurts, my body aches, my eyes hurt. Either I have a horrible flu, or this is the beginning of withdrawal setting in. I was so tired today I could hardly make it up the stairs! I almost called my Mom over to make me some tea.

All this and I've only gone down by half. I'm not sure I want to see what it feels like to go off of them 100%.

On the bright side, my mood is fantastic!


  1. What doses of each were you on before you started tapering and for how long before the taper started. Cutting by half in one go is quite hectic, especially both at once.

    Interesting also that your psychiatrist had you on three anti-depressants, two of which are SSRI's. I have been on all three (separately. Zoloft has a very 'sleep-worthy' side effect profile (for want of a better description). Wellbutrin on the other hand is rather energising. While people seem to claim that Cipralex is superior to its older, one-molecule-short partner, Cipramil, I have benefitted more from the latter.

    Your mood seems to shift radically. For how long were you in a state of depression before you started to improve this time?

    Know you battled with Lamotrigine because of the rash, but Topamax isn't the most renowned of mood stabilisers. Have you been on a valproate or lithium in the past? I have been on both - awful side effects. I am currently on 500mg Topamax (for hedaches), 400mg Lamotrigine (mood stabiliser) and 500mg Keppra (for sleep). All three are anti-convulsives. Five years now and no side effects from any of them.

    Again, I love your blog! Please keep it up!


  2. I can sympathize. I'm going through my own battle weaning off Risperdal. At least your mood has been good - mine's been all over the place and sometimes I feel like I'm cracking up. Good luck with your reduction.

  3. Thanks for your support, AD & Mirka.

    I am actually feeling great today. I am even considering getting dressed and taking the pets for a trip outdoors!

    I am coming off of 300 mg of Wellbutrin and 20 mg of Cipralex. So as of today I am taking 150 mg and 10 mgs respectively.

    I read last night that I could expect "flu-like" symptoms. Yep, that would explain it. But fortunately today I feel MUCH better.

    Yesterday my head hurt too much to get up and make something to eat. Today I'm cleaning the house. So funny how much can change in the space of hours.

    My doctor tells me that my combo is extremely unusual for him, and that he doesn't have any other patients on three drugs at once. Guess I am just special :)

    I've been in this particular crash since November, but the problem is a much longer story. I will share it in a future post.

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting.