Feb 1, 2012

Access to lab test results

Dear Penelope, 
...regarding copies of tests: we're wondering if you wouldn't mind
collecting copies of records once or twice per year (consolidating the
requests).  Dr X or I will call you if there is any concern with
reports that come in.  This would make requests for lab copies more
efficient for both of us. 

- Concierge Medical Clinic

Well, it would certainly make it more efficient for them.

But when I'm paying almost $3,000/ per year to have improved access to my physician (email, 24 hour appointments, etc...) I don't think copies of my lab tests are unreasonable.

They also didn't take into account that my recent surge in TSH was missed by the doctor because it fell within the 'normal' reference range.

Perhaps for some people that isn't clinically significant, but for me, I was feeling dreadful until my Synthroid was increased.

Most of all though, having access to my lab tests gives me some measure of control.  Having lost my career, and holding on to the promise of a PhD by a thread, there is very little I feel in control of these days.

I need help communicating with my doctor.


  1. I'm sorry Penelope. That would make me mad too. I have access to ALL my lab results when they come in -- not just every 6 months -- and I don't think it's unreasonable at all to expect that. Especially given (as you note) that it's not exactly unheard of for a doctor to miss something.

  2. Thanks OMDG. Do you have any suggestions how I might respond without fracturing the relationship I have with my physician?