Feb 2, 2012

My dog has hives

My dear sensitive dog is covered in hives. The poor little guy. He was up all night scratching.

I have no idea what he got into, but I suspect it happened during our walk last night (as he was fine before that).

This morning I gave him Benadryl, coated him in 1% Cortisone cream & spritzed him in Benadryl spray. I'm holding off on oral steroids, mostly because I am stretched to pay for another vet visit (all three of them have needed treatment in the past month) unless I'm sure I can't control the hives myself.

This afternoon we are going to try an oatmeal bath.

I'm open to any suggestions if my dog-owning friends want to chime in.

Update:  His hives were worse today, so I ended up taking him to the vet. He was given a shot of steroids and is now resting comfortably. Still no idea what triggered this allergy attack.

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