Jan 23, 2012

my bodybugg (TM)

I have a bug living on the back of my arm; monitoring everything I do for 23 hours a day. Yes, I am under constant surveillance; and I have signed up for this voluntarily.

It's a Bodybugg, a small gadget worn on the back of the upper arm that will be counting my calories burned day in and out. 

Our physician - knowing how much Brilliant Husband and I like our computer gadgets - has recommended that we order Bodybuggs to keep better track of our fitness and food intake.

The bodybugg took a little time and effort to register with the system, but once activated, it is an amazingly easy system to track energy input and output. The program relies on the user to input food intake using a well developed food database. The armband sensor...well, it is all very technical, but apparently is able to track calories burned to a very high degree of accuracy. Users are encouraged to wear the armband 23 hours a day for optimum tracking.

Once the daily information is uploaded into the program, charts are created which illustrate the number of calories burned per minute throughout the day. Graphs display the number of calories eaten & burned, and give you the numbers to aim towards to reach the desired goal.

Yes, the bodybugg is expensive (BH tells me that it costs less in the US, but that Canada's only distributor is pricey at approximately $300 per unit), and requires a subscription to their online program once the first complimentary six month subscription expires; but if you are like me and LOVE information, this is the ticket.

Since putting it on two days ago, I have already become aware of opportunities to increase physical activity in my daily activities...and as for food...Does peanut butter really have that many grams of fat!?

I've set a goal to lose twenty pounds. My bugg informs me that on a sensible plan, we are looking at end of April to meet my goal. Wish me luck!

Edited to Add:
That darn bug is a nag. It coerced me into 50 minutes of unintended treadmill time (walking, slowly) that I hadn't planned on...all because it told me that I hadn't met my targets for the day. I think this means that it's working.



    Never heard of this but it sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to seeing how it works for you.

  2. It is totally cool. Too bad it costs almost double for Canadians!