Jan 22, 2012

equal time for my cat

Since yesterday's post was dedicated to my little snow bugs, today I thought I would give equal time to my beautiful Ms Kitty.

Ms Kitty has not been feeling her best lately. Actually, while BH and I were on vacation two weeks ago, she took quite ill and required a visit to the emergency veterinarian. She was diagnosed with a bladder infection and given 21 days of antibiotics.

(21 days, twice a day....have you ever tried giving a cat a pill?)

Besides that, she is feeling the hands of time, with arthritis slowly taking over her hip joints. We have relocated her litterbox to the main floor, as the stairs have recently become too much for her little body to manage. We have also installed a staircase to our bed so that she won't need to jump up and down anymore.

(Tramadol, twice a day...forever)

With her pain under control and her bladder infection treated, she is beginning to look like her old self again. Which is good, because I can't imagine life without my cat.


  1. Such a cute cat. Glad she's feeling better. I can't imagine life without my kitties either.

  2. Thank you, I think she's a beauty.

    Did you ever think when you got your kitties about how long they might be with you?

    I was 30 when I adopted Ms Kitty and I thought to myself, 'I might be 50 and still own this cat!'.

    Fingers crossed...kitty and I still have a long way to go to hit 20 years together.