Apr 28, 2011

The Road to Recovery

I've been holding off posting about this, because I was afraid it was temporary, but given that I'm now at 4 weeks, I am going to share my news: I am feeling well!

It sounds so simple, and yet the difference between how I'm feeling today vs. how I've been feeling for the past few years is so radical that it defies description.

What does a well person do that an ill person can't?
  • decide to walk the dogs, come home and realize the cat could use a walk too!
  • travel to Amsterdam, come home, have a miserable cold followed by a sinus infection and still have enough energy to cook a meal, go for a walk, study...
  • plan two trips in the next month and have some vague confidence that they will actually work out.
  • start working on literature review for comprehensive examinations
  • wake up and get out of bed, every single day!!
  • go for a walk and burst into a light run (only for a minute, but it felt SO GOOD).

I wish I knew what triggered my recovery. Here are my top theories:
  • Gluten-free diet (followed strictly since mid-January)
  • Longer days with more sun exposure (valid perhaps, but happens every year without this kind of impact)
  • Husband finishing thesis?
  • Illness spontaneously in remission?
My vote right now is on diet, I'm sure that is simplistic, but it is the only factor that has truly changed in my life.

Whatever is responsible, I cannot begin to describe the joy that comes with feeling 'normal' again. Trust me, normal does not equal boring!


  1. I would be shocked if it wasn't the diet.

    I forget did you test positive for Celiac's?

    Glad you are doing well!


  2. M - I had forgotten what it felt like to be well, just praying now that it stays.

    I was tested twice for celiac (blood test), once was negative, the second time "inconclusive" (how can that be?).

    I strongly feel the diet is responsible, although I find it hard to believe that everything I've endured the past three years is about gluten.

  3. Oh yay! I hope it continues as well! Be good to yourself!

  4. Wow! Such great news! I hope you continue to feel better and keep us updated on the diet.

  5. You may be gluten intolerant, which is something that is on the rise and just newly recognized.

    I have low carb, which is pretty much gluten free recipes, up on http://kickingcarbs.blogspot.com/

    There are almond flour cookies and muffins, plus links to other blogs that might help with the cooking adjustment. Elana's Pantry is a great GF blog, I have both her cookbooks.

    I am just now noticing that I am a bit gluten sensitive. I get inflammation in my joints when I've overdone the carbs and gluten.