May 3, 2011

Election Day - The Morning After

Like most Canadians, I didn't see the need for yet another federal election...(this being our fourth in 7 years!)

I was fine with a Conservative minority government (held on a tight leash by the Liberal opposition and the NDP). No one seemed upset with the status quo except for the delusional Liberals who triggered the election six weeks ago.

As I surveyed the field of candidates, I found them all lacking.

Conservative Leader and incumbent Stephen Harper: with his steely gaze and oddly oppressive approach to transparency (only 4 questions allowed at every stop along his campaign trial) seems to present a danger to Canadian values (more prisons!) - but for now, he's the most solid leader we've got....sigh....

Liberal leader (actually he resigned this morning) Michael Ignatieff: An intelligent man who just could not connect with voters. I think voters cared less about his lengthy academic career in the USA than we did about the overall feeling of inauthenticity that he emitted. With all the panache of a pollster's talking point, he seemed to be, well, whatever you wanted him to be. (Much as I dislike Stephen Harper, I do think he is authentically aloof and controlling.)

Which brings us to NDP leader Jack Layton. How could anyone not like Jack? With a genuine smile on his face, he crossed Canada with the help of a cane as he recovered from medical ailments. I like Mr. Layton's style, but am lost to understand how his party would pay for even more government.

Mr. Layton also survived a late-campaing sex scandal to become the official opposition last night. Who the heck cares if Layton was found in a massage parlour in 1996? He was not even charged! If this was the best dirt they could dig up on the guy, it only served to make him more interesting than the other candidates.

Forgive me for not discussing the platforms of our lesser-known parties; groups like The Green Party, The Animal Alliance Party, The Communist Party of Canada, The Pirate Party, The Marijuana Party, The Rhinoceros Party, Christian Heritage Party of Canada -- suffice to say, they represent Canada's diversity.

Much like blogger "Not House", I came thisclose to spoiling my ballot, but ultimately decided to bite the bullet and make a choice.

And so...we have a Conservative Majority government. *shiver*

Mr. Layton, Mr. Ignatieff, couldn't you just have let well enough alone?

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  1. Helpful post for us USA folks, unfamiliar with the fun of Canadian politics. I reviewed it on my May 3 Dr Synonymous Show on BlogTalk Radio. Thank you. BLOG ON!