Nov 26, 2010

Hair Loss

Ahh, my wedding day... Possibly the best 'hair day' of my life.

I'm looking back at my pictures, only five years ago and wondering what the heck happened to my hair??

For the past few weeks, my hair has been falling out madly: long golden strands linger on every shirt, jacket and pillow case my head has touched.

As I start to catch up to my husband's receding hair line (he's bald!), new purchases have included....


OK...I give up. Why is my hair falling out?

Remember the old line, "It's better to look good than to feel good?" I agree.

I can handle fatigue, headaches, even brain fog...but please, 'mystery illness', please don't take my hair!


  1. I lost my hair too.

    Here's a partial list of what can cause it:

    Adrenal stuff

    My hair has stopped falling out now that I am back on steroids.

    Before I got pregnant, I actually had a bald spot on the crown of my head :( Pregnancy hormones fixed it and I had thicker hair for a few years.

    I used to have beautiful hair too. Now I have to keep it short to hide how thin it is.