Nov 21, 2010

sick puppy

My sweet puppy wasn't feeling so hot last night. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get himself comfortable. Then he vomited. More squirming. Still uncomfortable. This went on for hours.

After a lengthy consult with 'Dr. Google, DVM', I decided to keep him in our bed overnight so I could monitor any changes in his status.

This morning he seemed to be feeling better. He went outside to do his business and I noticed a strange whitish object in his poop. I took the hose to wash it off so I could see what he had eaten. As the water hit the object, white foam emerged like a bubble bath. SOAP. He had eaten a bar of soap.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He's trouble, but darn he's cute :)


  1. Cute puppy!!

    Very cute - little snuffles, I bet, to boot?

    Thanks for stopping by my own blog; will be adding yours to my list.

    I hope you find some relief soon from your symptoms, but better yet, from the apparent illness itself...

    My best to you!

  2. Hi MrsNice - thanks for visiting...he is my adorable 'baby' for the moment.

    Doc2Be - Oh yes, lots of must know something about Boston Terriers!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the good health wishes too.

    Nice to find a fellow celeb gossip fan in the med-blogesphere ;)

  3. You are brave taking him to bed with you :)

    We have labs, they puke a lot because they eat stupid things.

    It gets better as they get older and out of the puppy stage, but we still clean up a lot of puke.


  4. Puppy is two years old! I keep hoping he will grow out of eating stupid things, but so far no luck...

    The dogs sleep at night in their crate on our lower level (keeps the snoring and snuffling to a minimum), so the only way to keep my eye on our little guy was to have him in our bed.

    He's back to his usual trouble today ;)