Apr 9, 2009

What's up with Billy Bob Thornton?

I was listening to CBC's "Q" this morning with host Jian Ghomeshi, as he commented on his attempt at an interview with Billy Bob Thornton yesterday.

While I applaud the work that Mr. Thornton has done to raise awareness of mental health, I suggest that he take some time to work on his own issues.

I was disgusted by his immaturity and lack of respect for the interviewer, his band mates, and Canada in general. 

Overall, I think that Mr. Thornton has added to the profile and discussion of mental health (and mental illness) through his public service and through his cinematic career. 

I sincerely hope that this was just a bad day for him and not indicative of a more serious illness or addiction. In the meantime, the Boxmasters concert is one I will be taking a pass on.

As for Mr. Ghomeshi, this must have been a nightmare interview for him, but I applaud his professionalism dealing with such an uncomfortable situation. 

After hearing that the Boxmasters had cancelled the rest of their Canadian tour dates, my husband and I decided to catch Willie Nelson and Ray Price in concert earlier this evening. 

Ray Price was simply incredible. In a sharp suit and tie, he was a consummate performer. I had shivers down my spine listening to him croon through "Heartaches by the Numbers" and numerous other country classics. To make up for the last minute change, both Price and Nelson extended their sets. 

What good fortune we had to see Mr. Price perform. He reminded the audience that he is 83 years old, and while he would love to return and play again, 'time is a monster'...

Willie Nelson was fantastic. He was obviously enjoying performing new arrangements of his older works. His entire set had a blues/jazz fusion feeling and a soulful harmonica player added to the stripped down music.

It was good fortune that the Boxmasters caught the flu *um, yeah, sure* as Mr. Price and Mr. Nelson do not deserve to be associated with the negativity caused by Mr. Thornton's childish antics.

Price & Nelson - absolute professionals. Spot-on musicians. Superb showmanship. It's too bad that the Boxmasters didn't take notes from these fine performers. 


  1. This was all over Newsworld this morning and I couldn't believe it. I was like, "is he ON something?" I applaud Jian, too, for keeping his cool during a hostile interview, but jeez...

  2. I agree. I was disgusted when I read about this too.

  3. I didn't hear it but I always wondered how much he was acting in Bad Santa!

  4. Penelope, dropping by, thinking about you. Blessings dear one.