Apr 2, 2009

the headache

I saw the Internist today. What a letdown. No answers yet.

Of course, I knew that she wouldn't be able to tell what is wrong with me with one visit, but I was so hopeful that there would be an answer in sight.

She is doing more blood work and told me my thyroid is enlarged and my cortisol levels are low (adrenal fatigue, anyone?)...I will get my blood taken tomorrow, but won't get the results for about three weeks.

My headache is back. I feel nauseous and will be putting my laptop away soon as the light is making it worse.

I'm not sure how much longer I can handle this relentless headache. I am in tears tonight trying to manage it.

Tylenol 3 + Advil = no relief

Any other suggestions? I'm at about 8.25/10 on the worst headache of my life scale.


  1. Penelope, I am truly sorry for the head pain you are experiencing!!!! I do hope you get answers soon!!! Rest easy dear one!

  2. I wish I knew the answer to your headache problems. My husband suffers from terrible headaches as well but his are related to his sinuses usually. He takes pain killers but says they rarely work, he just has to wait it out. I hope yours ease up.

  3. Gah! 3 weeks! I think the only system that has less respect for your time than the medical system is the legal system. Prepare yourself for your test results to be inconclusive. Not sure the Codeine is the best idea.... you can get nasty rebound headaches from that.

  4. No!!! The tests cannot be inconclusive! The weather is starting to warm up and I want to be well enough to start running again soon.

    ps - I tried acupuncture yesterday with surprising results. It actually seemed to help, I just wish I knew how it works (Not that the mechanisms of antidepressants are fully understood, but...)

  5. I can recommend Naproxyn (which is a high dose of Aleve) for headaches. It usually takes the sting out of the headache for me...then I follow it with a muscle relaxer and that takes the headaches away and allows me to rest easily. If your headaches are the results of tension in your head, you may want to ask for botox. I hope you get some answers...the waiting it the worst part (or in Tom Petty's words: The waiting is the hardest part)

  6. Well, nobody really knows why acupuncture works. Some people think it's a placebo effect, though personally I think that's BS. And frankly, who cares why it works. If it helped you, keep going!

  7. Oh geeze. I hope you're doing better by now. Thyroid, headaches, ick. I hope the doc at least did the right tests for you...