Feb 22, 2011

On the floor, sleeping

For the past week I have been in a hypersomnolent trance. I have come to realize that the word 'fatigue' doesn't do any justice to what I am experiencing.

Have you ever taken Benadryl or Gravol? Any medication which induces sleep that you just cannot fight? That's what I am feeling.

Last week, I was too sleepy to take care of myself or my animals. I packed up my bags and my pets and moved over to my mother's house for a few days until DH got back from his trip. Even with all of her health issues, she could at least walk the dogs. And I slept...and slept...and slept.

At one point, I went to the kitchen to talk to my mother. I was so tired I sat down on the floor. But I was too tired to sit, so I laid down...and fell asleep on her travertine tile.

I flip between hot and shivering, but my temperature is almost always 97.2 (not even normal, let alone fever).

This, my friends, is not normal.


  1. Oh no! Penelope, I'm so sorry!! What will the doctors make of this I wonder?

    Praying your energy returns!!!

  2. This sounds awful. I'm so sorry! Please let us know what happens with the sleep test. I'd love to hear that you've found the cause and can start feeling better!