Dec 6, 2010

pregnancy revisited

Since my last post on pregnancy, I have seen the "high risk obstetrician", my PCP, and the "paediatric pharmacologist" to get input on the advisability of pregnancy.

Interestingly, the biggest risk factor seems to be my blood clotting disorder, 'Factor V Leiden' (FVL). While it can be managed with daily injections of Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin (LMWH), there seems to be concern that FVL increases the overall risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.

The answer to whether or not I could stay on antidepressant drugs through a pregnancy is also unclear. The ideal would be to come off all medications, but that simply isn't an option.

Apparently, if my mystery illness does turn out to be lupus, that will also increase my risks.

So, do we want to chance it? I'm really not so sure right now.


  1. Pregnancy is so scary - even under the best of circumstances. I'm not sure what faith you are - or if you ascribe to a faith - but what helps me, especially after my miscarriage and now 6 weeks pregnant with my rainbow, is putting my trust in God. Knowing that if this is meant to be, it will be. That helps to calm my fears.

    Also, I've discovered that there isn't a "Best" time to get pregnant. Sooner is better rather than later in terms of catching good eggs. I would say pray about giving it a try!

    My girlfriend was off her regular antidepressants, but they gave her something else until she could get back on it after 9 months... is that not an option?

    Anyway, thinking of you!

  2. Risks of anti-depressants depend on which ones you're on, but for the SSRIs I think the main risks are cleft palate. Talk with your ob about it. There are plenty of women for whom the benefits of being on them during pregnancy outweigh the risks of being off of them. Lots of women forget that pregnancy isn't a big contest on who can produce the "most pure" baby.

  3. Hi OMDG,
    Thanks for your feedback. I had a great discussion with my OB about antidepressants. If I were only on one, it would be a more simple decision. There are quite a few that are old enough to be reasonably well studied.

    The dilemma is that I am on 3 different SSRIs - a drug cocktail that took us ages to get just right. No study has any information on the combination of my three drugs together.

    I wish I had more time!