Sep 21, 2010

trying again?

Three years and a half years have passed since the miscarriage. Over that time we have dealt with my post-miscarriage depression, my post-Mirena depression, and a lengthy 'mystery' illness that still remains elusive, although somewhat improved.

All of this time, we have been waiting for my health to get better so that we could try one more time for a baby. Last year I was advised to wait until I had been emotionally stable for at least a year. Well, I'm almost officially into my late thirties and there really is no more time to wait. If we are going to do it, it will have to be now. Going off antidepressants again? NOT an option.

A part of me is terrified. Our chances of conceiving are lower now, our risks are higher, the possibility of another miscarriage hangs over us, only outweighed by the idea of another post-partum depression. It's scary as hell.

There are so many reasons for us not to go forward. But somehow logic isn't winning this debate. It is fight between my head and the biological pull of motherhood.

I'm ready to try again.

Are we crazy?


  1. Not crazy. There's nothing like raising kids to be responsible members of society. Good luck!

  2. Yeah but so what. You won't have this opportunity for much longer, so why not seize the day.

  3. No, go for it! The time is now!

  4. It's scarry - I understand - going through the TTC after miscarriage emotional roller coaster now. Said a prayer for you!