Mar 20, 2010

Getting it Right

While it feels sometimes like all I do is critique our medical system, I have to say this: when they get it right, they really get it right.

Two weeks ago, I lost a dear member of my family. That day came too soon for us. What started out as a simple bladder infection turned to sepsis in a matter of hours.

When it was clear that her situation had become grave, the staff in the ER could not have been more wonderful. They helped us through the difficult decision to withdraw treatment and move to palliative care.

The doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplain, housekeeping staff - were all kind and attentive. It was a busy night in the ER with patients stacked in the hallways; and yet they managed to give us private space to be with her while she passed. They brought us juice and crackers. They walked us through every stage of her death.

When the Canadian system functions well, it is a thing of beauty to witness.

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