Jan 31, 2010

Sleep delays my life (get up! get up!)

Ever heard the REM song "Get Up"? I am living it right now.

After months of feeling great, the past few days I am like a zombie. I could close my eyes and fall asleep at just about any time. The past few days I had to lie down and take a nap mid-day (about 2 hours) because if I didn't, I was going to fall asleep standing up. It is like a bloody sleep attack.

I'm sleeping well at night, using my "happy light" in the mornings, taking my Synthroid, iron & B12 supplements. I just hate this feeling. I'm all stuffy and congested and sleepy.

The good news is that despite this little setback, my mood is still really good. My thinking is still clear and I'm not in any pain. But yeah, sleep is delaying my life...I wish I could just get up.


  1. I hear you...I feel like this these days, too, and am blaming it on the season. Winter is dragging on at this time of the year, and in my case, we have had NO sun in AGES. I have a light box, too (I call it Mr. Happy!) and I don't know where I'd be without it. I'd hate to guess. Even though I sit in front of it in the morning, I still feel sluggish throughout the day, and I've had to have a nap the past couple of days. I just want winter to be over and spring to get here!

  2. I feel your pain -- and I don't even have a good excuse! I can only imagine how hard it must be to get out of bed with your thyroid issues.