Oct 7, 2011

Doctor's Orders

As the days have been getting shorter, my mood is falling slightly. Also, my recent Vitamin D test showed significant deficiency.

I love my psychiatrist; he tells me to up my Vit D to 2000 IU/day....then he stops and says "Why don't you just go to sunnier climate for a few weeks?"

I cannot change weather, so I am packing up and heading south; this is one of the few times I will not argue with my physician's recommendations :)


  1. Sounds like a very wise doctor! Where are you headed?

  2. We are off to Miami! I've rented a condo on the beach for two weeks (amazing deals off-season).

  3. Nice! Have you been before? I only spent an hour or so in Miami, but I loved driving through the nearby Everglades. The alligators (crocodiles?) were incredible. Have a great time, and post some pics!

  4. This will be our third trip to the Miami area. My mom loves the shopping in the area and I love sitting on the balcony looking over the water. Perfect combination!

    I've never seen alligators. Is it worth a day-trip to the Everglades?

  5. If you go to the Everglades you have to write about it here. Luca and I have talked about taking a trip down there, but have never gotten around to it. I've heard it's amazing!