Jan 18, 2011

My Mom: Treat as TIA

I wrote a few weeks ago that my mother experienced a stroke-like event that may have been a TIA or a migraine.

Despite completing a "bubble test" (to listen for a hole in her heart), and wearing a Holter monitor (to rule out fibrillation), neither test showed a clear diagnosis. We were surprised when the stroke specialist felt strongly that she had experienced TIAs, and not migraines (as was previously diagnosed).

Due to the serious nature of TIAs, my mother's physicians are choosing to treat her with blood thinning drugs to prevent clotting. (Both my mother and I have Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting disorder).

My poor mom, she is used to having great health. Blood tests every other day are on the menu for the next few weeks. It is a frightening diagnosis, but I am grateful that she is being treated with an abundance of caution.


  1. Praying for her health! I'm sure it helps to have such a knowledgeable, loving daughter by her side!


  2. Thank you Jamie! My mom means the world to me, I appreciate your prayers. She is doing really well right now, I'm praying for her good health to continue.